stretchly 0.9.0 released

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Hi there guys, I am really happy to release version 0.9.0 of stretchly. You can download it from github.

stretchly is cross-platform open source app that reminds you to take breaks when working with computer.



  • Tooltip shows information about:
    • time left till next (micro)break
    • time left in pause till breaks resume
    • number of microbreaks until next break


  • version checker erroneous 'a new version is available' messages
  • Run breaks after resetting breaks
  • Scheduler timeLeft based on actual setTimeout start time


  • do not play sound on Pause when break is in progress
  • cosmetic style changes
  • do not hide macOS dock icon, so we can have tray tooltip

Known issues

  • tray tooltip does not work correctly on macOS

Thanks a lot goes to Sean Manton, who implemented some of those features!

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