Shocking size of electron apps

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Trigger Warning: Rape

Last week I received this email:

from: U884862107693 <[email protected]>
subject: Stretchly


Your small program (Stretchly) has a very shocking size (108 MB). Do you think that this is the normal size for such a low-functionality program?

You're not a programmer. You are fucking idiot. You need to work as a waiter in McDonalds, not write a programs.

If you do not rewrite your program so that it does not have such a large size, I will come to you and fuck you. I'll fuck you till you love me.


Few things:

  • even thought he is right about the size of the app (because of electron), there's no way of making it smaller by being vulgar
  • by being vulgar he made my day
  • I guess better not to answer (but I swear I have like 100 ideas + (100 from my girlfriend) how to answer him - that would be fun)

Anyway… I might do it…

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