Updating certificates for Heroku with Cloudflare

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Do you have a app on Heroku, DNS on Cloudflare and your SSL certificate is automatically managed by Heroku?

I do. And yesterday I received email like this:


Automated Certificate Management
has failed for the following domains:

Domain 	              Reason

You should be able to find specific information
to correct the above noted errors at:

Happy coding,


Yep, no reason, obviously.

Following the link gave me something useful (as my DNS records were fine):

ACM is not available if your app is behind a CDN such as Cloudflare or Fastly.

So I check my DNS again and I see that I use 'DNS and HTTP proxy (CDN)'.

Setting it do 'DNS only' and running heroku certs:auto:refresh --app=myapp did the trick.

My certificate is OK and I can set 'DNS and HTTP proxy (CDN)' again.

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