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Last Sunday evening I sent out first stretchly newsletter.

Or better said: my stretchly newsletter, where my stretchly is that Your stretchly link in stretchly app menu.

Confused yet?


Yes, that very confusing link links to https://my.stretchly.net.

The site only claims that Your stretchly is coming and that you can subscribe to be let known when it's out.

So what is that about?

Well, subscribe, I plan to write about it in next newsletter.





(Or read on here.)

I wont give the same info here as I plan to give in newsletter, but basically:

I've been testing whether people would sign up for news about some probably-enhanced-version-of-stretchly.

My plans then were rather unspecific and I do not remember them, but I guess that was the idea, right?

To see if people are interested and then do something about it. The idea would be in my head, slowly getting more shape, brain doing it's unconsciousness things.


Some time ago, Mailchimp started sending emails with changes in my audience and I noticed that I have over 200 people in stretchly list, growing about +8 weekly.

I should do something about it, I figured.

So here I am, doing something about it.

All I can say, now, that I have a pretty solid idea of what my stretchly should be and how I want to do it. But that's for later ;]


Btw, interested in first newsletter stats? (As of publishing time)

175 Opened
Total opens 243

27 Clicked
Total clicks 29
Clicks per unique opens 15.4%

14 Unsubscribed

1 person replied

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