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One of the much requested features for Stretchly is having custom reminders:

and such.

While I agree that they are useful for that person (and probably would be for different people as well), that's not what I am trying to do with Stretchly. Stretchly is the break time reminder app: it reminds to take a break and it gives science-based ideas, but it's up to the users how they are gonna implement them.

Plus I don't want to complicate the code needlessly.


When users asked me for such a feature, I always pointed out that there are apps that do the custom reminders. And that is so. But they do that in terms of on specific day remind me to do X. That's not very good, as what people were asking for was more of on specific times, every day or so, remind me to do Y.

Welcome, LaterOn!

Therefore I decided to hack-around an app that would do exactly that.

LaterOn lives in tray and then sends system notifications based on the scheduled reminders that user creates. Here's an example of the default notification that users get at the start of the app:

Default LaterOn notification

As notifications go, user can specify a title and body of said notification.

LaterOn reminders management

Users can view their existing reminders from tray "Reminders" menu. Example notification is show, together with the next occurrences and the rule. It's then also possible to edit, remove and add new reminders.

So yeah, go download it and give it a try!

(LaterOn is rather basic, right now, but works just fine for me :) )

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