This is why I'll probably never sign my apps for macOS

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Every now and then, at least once a month, I get request on Github or Email to sign my apps on macOS and Windows. My default reply until now was:

it costs money + my apps are free = won't happen

But anyway, I decided to give it a go to see whether I would still be able to build my releases automatically as I do now. Recent tutorials suggested that's not an issue anymore, so Yay!

I have older macbook, so I logged in and read about the Apple Developer Program. After some hickups (get your shit together, Apple!) I was able to login to that macbook with my AppleID and could start the process of signing up for the Developer Program.

All went good, I filled the required data, but on the last submit I got nice not-helpful-at-all error message.

Therefore I wrote to the Apple Support. After few days I got a nice robot-reply telling me that indeed there was an error.

Thank you for contacting Apple Developer Program Support.
For one or more reasons, your enrollment in the Apple Developer Program could not be completed. We are unable to continue with your enrollment at this time.

This is basically telling me that I should not bother as they do not bother to help me at all.

And that's not surprising. There are many instances where corporations have zero support and unless you know someone working there, you're out. Ask companies that went bankrupt because corporate algorithms decided to suspend their accounts.

That's not where I want to spend my money.

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