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So I was thinking a bit and decided: why not to make some stats for my BSD projects?

DiscoverBSD - Discovering the way of BSD

I started the blog in March 2013, so yay, it's more than 2 years now.

The website itself gets around 30-50 visitors per day. Not much, but anyway, it's not that bad. It still makes sense for me to write. And the most of interactions I am getting from posting news on social media.

DiscoverBSD newsletter

You can now subscribe to the newsletter to get weekly updates from BSD world. It's the same as my weekly articles on website.
I have 1 subscriber as of now (I've just started, right?). It's automated, so I plan to keep it.

BSDSec - deadsimple BSD Security Advisories and Announcements

The website itself gets around 100 visitors when there are some new articles. It's all automated, so I guess there's no reason to shut it down.

The code is on GitHub, check it out, maybe you can make it better?

2 contributors as of now. Check what's missing and make a contribution.

What's next?

Hard to say, I have some TODOs for these projects, so let's see how it goes. But I would be happy if I could find someone who wanna write for DiscoverBSD blog.

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