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DiscoverBSD on Mastodon

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I'm really happy to announce that DiscoverBSD can now be found on Mastodon.

To be more precise, on instance as @discoverbsd or

Hope to talk to you there, all articles will be posted there the same as on Twitter

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Or few lines about hot it was done.


I was thinking about how to tweet more from my DiscoverBSD account.
Based on the name of that account, I came up with idea of the tweets about BSD History. People should like that. So I tried to write at least...

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DiscoverBSD stats

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So I was thinking a bit and decided: why not to make some stats for my BSD projects?

DiscoverBSD - Discovering the way of BSD

I started the blog in March 2013, so yay, it's more than 2 years now...

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