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With the 2020 upon us, let's look at the most visited articles on the DiscoverBSD and BSDSec websites. Date of submission doesn't matter, we are only looking at number of visits (so some of the articles might be from 2018 or earlier…).

Thanks to everyone who submitted to DiscoverBSD and to all the good people working on BSD security teams!

Top 10 DiscoverBSD

My subjective feeling is that the most of news submitted were FreeBSD related, but it seems that people are the most interested in OpenBSD related stuff.

  1. Customizing OpenBSD xenodm
  2. NextCloud on OpenBSD (offline?)
  3. NAS4Free is renamed into XigmaNAS
  4. OpenBSD VMM Hypervisor Part 4: Running Ubuntu (and possibly other distros)
  5. FreeBSD Desktop – Part 2.1 – Install FreeBSD 12
  6. pfSense 2.4.4-RELEASE-p2 now available
  7. Customized resolution for OpenBSD in VirtualBox
  8. OpenBSD 6.5 WIP notes are online
  9. SecBSD: an UNIX-like OS for Hackers
  10. An OpenBSD desktop using WindowMaker

Top 10 BSDSec

Similar to the DiscoverBSD's top 10, we can see that readers are mostly interested in OpenBSD stuff, with exception of FreeBSD Status Reports.

  1. OpenBSD 6.5 released – Apr 24 2019
  2. FreeBSD Quarterly Status Report - First Quarter 2019
  3. FreeBSD Quarterly Status Report - Fourth Quarter 2018
  4. LibreSSL 3.0.0 Released
  5. FreeBSD Errata Notice FreeBSD-EN-19:18.tzdata
  6. OpenBSD 6.4 released - Oct 18, 2018
  7. OpenBSD 6.6 release, Oct 17, 2019
  8. OpenBGPD 6.5p0 released
  9. FreeBSD Quarterly Status Report - Fourth Quarter 2015
  10. FreeBSD Quarterly Status Report - Second Quarter 2019

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