Working with firebase-tools from docker with docker-compose

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docker is kinda nicecitation needed and I like to use it with docker-compose. So when I decided to learn how to deploy simple app to Firebase, I wanted to do it with them, obviously.

What I wanted to do was:

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Stretchly 1.0 is here!

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Hi everyone,

I am really happy to announce, that version 1.0 of Stretchly is here! You can download it from downloads page.

Stretchly 1.0

Version 1.0 is big milestone for Stretchly, and getting there was huge learning experience. Thanks to everyone who contributed...

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SMS messages from Slovak/Czech government about COVID-19 (Feb-May 2020)

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What follows are the SMS messages that I have received on my Czech and Slovak SIM cards (from respective governments) during February-May 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Maybe someone someday will find them useful :)


I am a Slovak...

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Translating Stretchly

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So you wanna help to translate Stretchly? Awesome!

This guide assumes that you know your way around command line and a bit or two about NodeJS, git and Github.

But if you are willing to learn something, you might be just fine, I am adding some extra...

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Change the color of SVG image via CSS

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While working on new version of stretchly, I've run into an interesting problem. Here's a design I need to to:

new stretchly design

Here's SVG for icon:

new stretchly design

As you can guess, the icon is black when added to the HTML. What I need, though, is white one an yellow-ish on...

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