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Creating new Rails and Vue.js app with Docker

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The most of Rails and Docker tutorials either show how to dockerize your existing app, or how to create new Rails app by installing Rails locally and then adding Docker as second step.

It works but it have always struck me as weird idea: why installing...

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Harakiri hakiri

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Or getting to know your secure side.

And insecure in that matter, as well, because let's be honest:

We all do vulnerable apps.

Would be dangerous to think opposite.

I use Ruby, and gosh, I don't even know how many security risks there are. And...

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Note to myself- Learn SASS

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So recently I became obsessed with Podcasts. A lot.

I guess I needed a break from people. Or listen to some different kind of people. Or not at all.

Anyway, in last few days, I added a bunch of podcasts to my manager and one of them was Design Vs...

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